What is the difference between a blog and an Ezine ?


Blogs and ezines are both useful writing tools when using your writing to market on the web. They are delivered in different ways, often differ in their content, and are created using different tools. There are many similarities between the two, but there are also a few differences.

What is an Ezine?

An Ezine is an online magazine or online content that is targeted to a specific content audience. It is online publishing through the web and is mainly promoted through email marketing.

What is a blog?

Blogs are written in various formats such as, list format, question format, tips and tutorial format, and much more. They are more casually written mainly to connect with online readers and provide a personal point of view. Blogs are more frequently published compared to ezines.

What differentiates blogs from Ezines?

blogGenerally personal in nature, usually just one writer. Ezines can have multiple writers or contributors.

—Small in audience and not much traffic, unlike the Ezine which reaches many readers at once

—Blogs are not made specifically to earn money where the Ezine usually is made to generate profits.

There are many blogs that are large and earn a lot of money but most blogs are small personal blogs.

Content differences

I don’t find the same personal dimension on a magazine that I may feel while reading my favorite blogs. When I visit a Blog I want to get information as well as the others personal view of the subject.  I want to hear someone else share their experiences.  When I read an Ezine then i expect it to be a lot more formal and to focus on news and information without any personal commentary.

There’s usually a clear divide between the content you find on a blog and what you find on Ezine magazine sites. Think about the type of content you’re publishing. Is it all personal opinions, quick posts, random thoughts or reviews? That’s usually the type of content you’ll find on a blog. Ezines are more informative articles or publications based on factual content, as compared to the blog.

Bloggers need to connect to the readers and create a relationship with them through comments and replies.  A Ezines  is one way communication between the author and the reader  No relationship is formed.

Blogging and Ezine advertising differences

Blogging gives you more freedom when writing, which encourages readers to be more attentive and sensitive to the motivations of the blogger. This makes it easier to make money with a blog. A blogger can write about almost anything as long he think it might interest his community. An Ezine needs to stay on topic or risk losing subscribers.  The relationship between the blogger and her/his readers make blogs a better advertisement platform then an Ezine.  The readers will trust the blogger more and be more willing to try the products he or she recommends.

Online Readers trust bloggers more usually considering them as friends; and thus any sincere recommendation from their part leads readers to a positive attitude toward the brand or content.

Internet readers understand the dynamics of magazines where the writer’s relationship with its content is primarily related to its responsibilities, a dynamic that does not exist among bloggers.

In conclusion, a blog is more personal and opinionated; offering a more friendly laid back style of producing web content. Ezine’s in contrast, are more about informing the online reader of hardcore facts and information.