How do I create an Ezine ?


What to think about when creating an Ezine

Target audience is very important and one of your first priorities. For example,if you are a for profit business, your audience will be people who will attract specific advertisers, such as mothers of autistic children, male golfers, teen gamers or cigar enthusiasts.

Create a contacts list.create ezine

Decide who in your email list fits your desired user Using age, race, and gender to separate your clients is a good idea.
Ask for suggestions for online content, including editorial sections.

Choose Demographic Market

Decide who you want to reach, or in other words your target demographic. Good demographic questions to ask are questions such as: age range, gender, race, marital or parental status, political affiliation or place of residence.

Editorial elements

Design an editorial element. For example if you are doing an online cook book you might include sections such as; a cooks tools, fun baking recipes, and recipe of the day.

Next, try to create an editorial calendar for your magazine, including articles for each of the different sections you will have.
Be prepared; attempt to write a couple of dozen articles to make sure you have enough content for your desired publication for up to at least twelve months. It’s good to show potential advertisers and subscribers what the magazine will offer.

Find advertisers

Ask advertisers if they would advertise in an ezine like yours, and if so, what they would pay.

Decide a form of revenue

Some on line publications will have banner ad to generate revenue, or you could generate revenue by creating an affiliate program. Affiliate programs such as Amazon and other online vendors of retail will pay you a percentage of the dollars when a shopper who comes from your site spends at theirs.

Media Kit design

Include your reader demographics, editorial calendar, publishing schedule, ad rates and specific formats for delivering artwork, such as banner ads, to you.

It is a good idea to select a template design for your Ezine; there are free templates and some for purchase online. Creativity is helpful in individual ads, but consistency of page layout will make your publication look like a well written magazine. A good typography goes a long way as well.


Publicize your ezine prior to its launch using press releases to magazines, websites and newspapers. Buy banner ads on sites you believe your potential readers visit to advertise your launch. Maybe gather a contacts list to send an invitation email to your new Ezine site.