How do you manage your mail list?


Your email list is one of the most valuable assets you got as a publisher of an Ezine.  Your mail list is what allows you to connect directly to your readers. It is very important that you manage your email list well so that you can make the most of it and so that you can make sure that you readers wants to stay on the list.

Tips for sending emails to your mail list

email listIt is very important that you make sure that every email you send out to the members of the list is designed in such a way that it is clear that the email comes from you. Make sure that your name, the name of your publication or the name of your company is listed as the sender of the mail.  This will make a lot more of your readers open and read the email. A lot fewer people will open and read it if it shows a random sender.

Do not use “no-reply@your domain” as a sender.  This makes it seems like you are distancing yourself from the readers. Create a custom email that you use as a sender.  Make the email friendly and relevant even if you seldom or never check that email address.  (ideally you should check it to make sure you are able to answer questions from your readers.

Make sure to provide a text only version of your emails,  Or better yet, write them as text only messages. Many internet users chose to turn of images in emails to increase security and your emails might be unreadable for some users if you use a lot of images.   I recommend that you reduce or eliminate the use of images in your emails.

Major clients or VIP clients need to be acknowledged, remembered and given better attention, gifts of exclusive information, and content are good ideas to keep in mind when managing your email client list. When an email list member has become a client, it’s time to move them to a different level of list where they receive emails that are designed for clients and not prospects.

Improve your action rate or CPR rate which is simply stated as feedback rate; email list members that open your newsletter or click on something on a frequent basis are clearly more engaged than members who do not click on things in your content. Therefore, you can test sending a higher frequency to your most engaged members to increase readership or response.

Base your email list on survey data

If you’ve done surveys over the past year with your ezine; you likely know certain email members have different interests. Surveys can help you classify their interest levels in various offerings related to your core product or service.

Acquisition Channels

Where your email members came from is known as an acquisition channel, and different acquisition channels have different characteristics. For Example, Co-registration email list members will always respond differently than purely acquired email members.

Categorize your email list

Demographics might include age, race, gender, education levels, occupation, and location of residence, marital status, and number of children, income, or other socio-economic factors.

Segmenting your email list

The objective of segmenting your email list members is to increase the relevancy of your messages so that they add more value to your members – ultimately, so that they buy more from you. This can be overwhelming if you’re just starting out, so I recommend planning on at least segmenting by prospects vs. clients. Start there and as you begin to get good results; you may continue narrowing your email segments to improve list member loyalty.

Stay up to date and organized with your online mail list. Organization helps you to properly categorize and update your email list accordingly. Just as you would keep an updated address book, you too should treat your online email list in such a manner.