Learning to write engaging text


Sometimes its overwhelming writing for online profit, and it can be a big undertaking if it’s a new project for you. Whether you are a beginner in online article writing, or a pro these small secretes will help you form good written content. Here are a few steps, tips and tricks to have you producing great text in no time.

Tips for great content text 


Practice using headers. Using headers and sub headers will engage the reader more quickly. When you use headers it helps the online reader to quickly find subjects of interest easily and with quickness.  It is important when producing good text to have a good layout that is comprehendible and easy to navigate through; ensuring the online reader of a good reading experience.

Short, and to the point, be concise.

engaging textYou should strive to write a text that is too the point and without unnecessary filler text.  Some believe that this mean that they should write a short text. This is not the case. A text can be long if you have a lot of information to share with your reader. Your goal should however be to avoid making the text longer then it has to be to convey the information you want to convey.   Never use 100 words to say what can be said equally well in 50.

Use lists 

Lists can keep readers engaged because they are easy to read. They grab the reader and are free of long passages of text. They also make it easy to jump to the point the reader want to learn more about. Lists allow you to portray a lot of information quickly to the reader.


Keywords are not very important in a text if you write strictly for the reader. They do however help the search engines understand what your text is about and using keywords in the text is important if you want to be able to get a lot of traffic from search engines.   Practice how to use key words in a natural way and how to use related terms to make the search engines like your writing even more.  Never stuff your text with keywords.  That will not work and will make the text hard to read. Your goal is to use keywords in a way that makes it seems like you didn’t consider keywords when you wrote the text.

Stay true to the title

Don’t stray away from the title of the article or rather its purpose. There is nothing worse than going off on a tangent and losing your reader because the content became muddled or off topic.

Practice good editing

Always proofread your text.  Ask someone else to read your text and check the language and grammar.  If you have no one to ask then is can sometimes help to read your written text out loud; this way you can easily find errors in the content.  I recommend that you do something else for a few hours before you edit the text.  This allows you to look at it it with fresh eyes.

Format and design 

Pick a format that is pleasing to they eye and easy to read. Readers enjoy reading content that is clear and pleasing to the eye.
Space where appropriate, use titles and headers, bold where necessary, incorporate appropriate margins, use twelve point font, and choose a text and background color that is easy to read

Do your research

Readers appreciate well substantiated facts or tips for whatever they decide to read. Statistics, data, and newsworthy information are all great key features to include in your writing. Quotes are also a great to way to engage the reader.

Be passionate

Some of the best article content written comes from being passionate about the subject your writing. Engage the reader through emotional connections and let it shine through in your copy. It can be hard to write a text that is both to the point and passionate but it will really help you engage your reader if you are able to combine the writing styles.

Implement Graphics in to the design

The right graphics and pictures can help make the text easier to understand and more engaging. It can also help you explain complex topics by illustrating what you are saying in the text.  The right graphics can make or break a text.

Be relatable

The most engaging content is when it portrays a story.  Writing from the heart might be an old adage saying but it makes all the difference to the reader in respect to relate ability. It’s best to write what you know or what you have sincere interests in when writing good text content.