How do I make money with an Ezine?


Many publishers start their first Ezine due to a burning interest for the topic they write about. This allows them to produce high quality content and connect with other people who also burn for the same topic and that enjoy the information they can find in an Ezine.   Once the Ezine has grown a little bit bigger most people find that running an Ezine can be more work than it is worth.  That it takes more effort than they can put into the Ezine.  At this point the publisher has to ask himself whether he wants to keep going as he has been (never reaching its true potential),  if he wants to sell the Ezine to someone who have the resources to run it or whether he wants to try to earn some money through the Ezine so he or she can devote more resources to the the Ezine.

make money

Making money through your Ezine does not have to be hard.  You will have established trust with the readers and advertisers are willing to pay you a lot to reach out on their behalf.  Make sure to only promote products you think are good so that you can keep the users trust.

Ezines on some topics can be very profitable while Ezines in other areas might struggle to earn any money at all.

Generate revenue

How much money you can earn will depend on how many readers you have and what topics your Ezine covers.  Growing your reader base will always allow you to make more money regardless of the topic of your Ezine.

Affiliate offerings

One of the best ways to make money through a Ezine is true affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing allow you to partner with established retailers to earn money.  Whenever you talk about a product you like or use in your articles you can link that term to to retailers page where your readers can buy this product.  This is helpful for the readers as they can find where to buy the product easily.  You will earn money whenever one of your readers by a product through one of your link.  You can often earn close to 10% of the purchase price of the product. This can add up to large amounts of money if you have a lot of readers.  Make sure to only link to products that you like and only to trustworthy retailers.  The trust of your reader is the most valuable resource you got.

Sell ad spots

Selling ad spots in your newsletter is another way you can earn money from your Ezine.  Selling ad spots will give you a fixed income.  It does not matter how many readers that end up click on the add or buying the product.  The ad buyer pay you a fixed fee for the ad spot before the publications of the ad.   Refrain from placing too many ad spots in each Ezine.  Doing so might cause you to lose readers and lose trust between yourself and the reader.  One or two spots per newsletter us usually about right.

You can sell ad spots and use affiliate links in your Ezine at the same time.  You do not have to chose to use only one method.

Sell your own products

Selling your own products can often be the most profitable way to earn money from your Ezine. It is also the most labor intensive as you need to create, produce,  stock and deliver the  product you sell yourself.  You can buy product developed and produced by another company but you will need to keep a stock on hand and send out the product to the people who chose to buy it.

Digital products can be a good alternative since you do not need any stock and the products can be delivered automatically.

Do not start selling your own products unless you understand the amount of work involved and feel that you are willing to assume the work.  It can be truly profitable.  But it is not for everyone.


There are several good ways to make money with your Ezine. I personally think the best way to earn money is to use affiliate links. This allows you to earn unlimited amounts of money without having to stock a product or deal with customers.