How often should I publish my Ezine?

How often you publish your Ezine will be an important factor to decide whether your Ezine become a success or not.  How often you should publish new issues of your Ezine depends on what you Ezine is about. Some topics can be covered well be a monthly Ezine. Other topics require daily publications to be able to offer the reader the value they are looking for.  If you write an ezine about aquarium fish then a monthly ezine might be a good option, if you want to publish an ezine with day trading tips then you will need to publish your ezine every day or perhaps even several times a day. Day trading tips are time sensitive,  Awuarium fish information is not.

One of the rules of thumb in marketing ezines’s is to stay on the radar screen of your reader. A good way to do this is by starting an email newsletter or ezine. Emails are great way to send out promotion of your Ezine. By promoting through emails you have already increased your publication readership and engaged with your subscriber.

how often The quality of your articles is more important than the number of articles and issues of you Ezine that you publish.

People are inundated with messages and advertisements all the time. On average we’re exposed to over 100,000 ads each day. With ads becoming diluted, an e-mail newsletter is a good alternative that can cut through this noise.

An e-mail newsletter, sent once or twice a month with information, tips, and helpful advice keeps you on your reader’s radar screen and keeps your message in front of them, week after week, month after month.

Quality, not quantity

When you publish an Ezine then your focus should be 100% on creating quality content.  The readers will read your Ezine for the quality of the articles, not due to the quality.  No one like an Ezine that publish a lot of low quality content.  Keep in mind that what constitutes quality content will depend on what niche you are working in.

There is no benefit from posting more low quality content when you publish an Ezine.  If you run a blog then low quality articles can help attract more traffic to your blog put this is not going to be the case if you publish an Ezine.  If you want to post a lot of low and mid quality content then I recommend that you start a blog instead of an Ezine.

Do not get to ambitious

It is important that you set a publishing schedule that you are apply to deliver on when you create your Ezine.  It is more important that you are able to publish a high quality Ezine then it is to be able to post it often.  Publishing one quality issue every month (or even two months) is better then trying to publish more often and missing release dates or ending up publishing a inferior product.

You focus should be 100% on quality.