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My Favorite Ezines - a place to call home. Welcome!

A place to call home. Welcome!

Every one of you who comes here is important, and an inspiration to me.

I love, appreciate and am thankful for you all!

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-- Henry Van Dyke

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Inspirational Stories Directory

My favorite inspirational stories
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The Hand - A Thanksgiving Story for All Time   

Thanksgiving day was near. The first grade teacher gave her class a fun assignment - and then something unexpected happened. A great little inspirational story by author Steve Goodier.

Learning to Run - An Inspirational Story   

This is one of my favorite inspirational stories about running, told by a father with a two-year old son.

Making a Difference - An Inspirational Story   

A New York City schoolteacher made a big difference in the attitudes of her students, and in the lives of people in her community, just by doing something incredibly simple - something you could do just as easily for those you associate with ... Read this short story and be inspired!

One Tiny Light - An Inspirational Story - Let Your Light Shine!   

Imagine that you are in a huge cave 250 feet below the surface of the earth. You're down there with about 40 other souls. The cave is artificially lit, as no daylight ever reaches its interior. Suddenly the lights go out...
Find out what happens next in this inspirational story by Sharon Iezzi.

The Pre-Eminence of Christ - an Inspirational Story by Truman Madsen   

"If I ever joined that Church (the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) it would be for another reason: In their midst Jesus Christ has a place of pre-eminence as in no other Christian group." So spoke a minister ... to other churchmen who were discussing the "temporal achievements" of Mormonism ... What, I asked him, did he mean? Read his answer in this touching, inspirational true story.

Christmas Memories - A Real Christmas Miracle   

A department store Santa, a critically ill child, and a humble, heartfelt prayer all come together in this true inspirational Christmas story of hope and healing.

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"Stop fighting your creative spirit that is struggling to break free inside you. You will not be the person you were meant to be until you free this creative spirit and find ways to put it to use. Freeing your creative spirit will not send you into financial ruin or cause havoc with your life, if you acknowledge the creative side of you and find ways to gradually blend it into your thought process. What will happen is that you will find happiness you didn't know existed and you will become the person you were meant to be."

-- Edward W. Smith, The One Minute Motivator

Love More. Fear Less!!

Fearless Reader

Infinitely Yours In Love,

Sharon Iezzi
A.K.A. "Fearless Reader"

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