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Manifesting the Good Life:
3 Principles You Should Know

What's the Secret to manifesting the good life?    
It's learning how to apply these 3 basic principles.

Have you ever known people who just always seem to get everything they want? They have that perfect job, perfect spouse, perfect house, etc. and they are always happy and very upbeat. Youíre probably saying, "Sure, Iíd be happy and upbeat too if I had everything I wanted."

Now letís look at the other side of the coin: How many people do you know who always seem to have everything go WRONG for them? The car gets vandalized; their home is broken into; they lose their cell phone, bounce a check, and break a finger all in the same week. "Yikes!" you say. "Talk about a bad week!"

And the truth is: ALL of these people are manifesting their reality.

"No way," you say. "How can this be?"

There are Universal Laws that affect every one of us every single day. One of these laws is the Law of Gravity. You are governed by this law whether you understand or not, whether you believe it or not, or have even heard of it. The same is true for all of the other Universal Laws.

In particular, there are three principles (Universal Laws) that affect what manifests in our lives:

  1. The Law of Attraction. This law says that what we think about we attract to us. Thoughts are like magnets, and habitual thinking about something (whether positive or negative, or thought about consciously or unconsciously doesn't matter) causes it to be attracted to us.

  2. The Law of Deliberate Creation. When we affirm our habitual thinking by adding powerful emotion to our thoughts, this speeds up the manifesting process.

  3. The Law of Allowing. To manifest what we want with the least expenditure of effort, this law says that we must allow the universe to fulfill our desires in its own way; i.e., we must "let go and let God." For many people this Law is the most difficult one to understand and utilize to their advantage.

These three Laws, combined together, govern and define what we call "manifesting." You by your own thoughts decide what you want to create, you add emotion to it, and allow the universe to bring it to you.

Can you now see how those people with the ďgood lifeĒ are consciously and habitually focusing their thoughts on the good and positive things they want, and they receive them?

The people with all the problems--the ones who wish for the good life but find it eludes them, are the ones who habitually (and usually unconsciously) focus their thoughts on the bad things happening to them. They tell everyone around them of their misfortunes. Each time they tell their story, it channels more of their thought energy into creating still more of the same kind of stuff.

We have all heard about goal setting but very few of us really understand how goals relate to manifesting the life we want. That is why for most people, goal setting is an exercise in futility.

Remember this: thoughts are like magnets.

So with that in mind, letís consider how we can get these three principles (Universal Laws) working in our favor to manifest the life, career, partner, etc. that we desire.

The Secret to manifesting the good life is to learn how to CONSCIOUSLY control what you habitually think about.

Can you do it? YES! Anyone can do it who desires to learn how and is willing to put forth the effort.

I look forward to helping you manifest the good life you deserve!

Love and Fondest Best Wishes,
Sharon (Fearless Reader) Iezzi

Website: http://www.unlock-the-power.com

Email:      fearless.reader@gmail.com

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